Assisted Animal Therapy & Sensory Bubbles

New: So Sensory Bubbles for Special Needs & Care Homes

Group and one to one sensory and bubble sessions for your residents in care homes or pupils in special needs schools. The nurses and carers can all join in. A relaxed and fun atmosphere where people can watch, create, hold and have fun with bubbles. They can even go inside a bubble. The bubbles can be done indoors or/and outdoors. Lots of sensory lights and hand held items, and bubble activities for all abilities, no one will be left out.

This can be booked in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Tewkesbury, Avon and Bristol.

Each session includes x2 activity providers and the cost is £150.00 for a 40 min interactive session.

Then 40 mins one to one sessions can be booked at the carers and family discretion for £75.00.

Assisted Animal Therapy for Care Homes & Special Needs

Our donkeys and animal encounters can be booked to come to your care home, special needs school, hospital or hospice. We a few options including our mini pony, assisted therapy donkeys, reindeer and our exotic animals. What ever your needs we can accommodate so please contact us with your enquiry.

As well as providing one off visits we can also provide a 10 week program. Please enquire for more details.

Mini Apollo Pony visiting a care home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
Kate’s mini pony ‘Apollo’ visiting a care home.

Kate’s Mini Pony Visit

We can offer our mini apollo pony hes is 30” tall.

I hour booking is £250.00

Kelly's assisted therapy donkey visiting an elderly man in a care home.
Kelly and Mike visiting care home with their assisted therapy donkeys.

Kelly’s Assisted Therapy Donkeys

Kelly’s friendly and very gentle donkeys travel England to interact with children and adults of all ages and abilities. They visit the ill, elderly, disabled and those with special needs. The donkeys always raise a smile, create joy and love everywhere they go.

x2 Donkeys 1 hour care home visit is £250.00

Gary holding an owl speaking to a class room.
Barn Owl.
Mini Zoo Exotic Animal Encounters

Care home visits can include 6 out of the following options: Meerkat, 3 Banded Armadillo, African Pygmy Hedgehog, Chinchilla, Giant Bunny, Tortoise, Barn Owl, Royal python, Tarantula, African Millipede, Madagascan Hissing, Cockroaches and a Miniature Donkey (Additional fee applies)

1 hour is £300

Two reindeer for hire for Christmas events in Gloucestershire and Bristol.
Reindeer visits.
Mini Zoo Reindeer Fly By Care Home Visits

We can offer a fly by visit which is approx 30-45 min meet and greet the residents. We have most week day dates available from Novenmber through until 20th December. We do not offer fly by visits on weekends.

The cost of a fly by visit is £350.00. Includes x2 reindeer, x2 handlers, magic reindeer food and hand sanitising.

Or we do offer a full set up which is minimum of 4 hours display which includes a gazebo and static welfare pen, the price for x2 reindeer for a day event is 2 hours £800-£1000 and 4 hours £1095-£1200.

Balloon model of a cat.

Balloon Modeler for Care Home

Book one of our fabulous balloon modelers for your care home entertainment. We would walk around the care home making balloons for all the residents. We have a lovely selection of balloon designs for adults.

Prices: Weekdays: 1 hour £75.00, 2 hours £100.00, 3 hours £125.00. Weekends and special holidays: 1 hour £165.00, 2 hours £225.00, 3 hours £375.00.

Visit Information

We can walk around some parts of a nursing/care home but only ground floors. The donkeys are trained to go into wards and bedrooms so even bedridden people can meet, stroke and feed the animals.

We must state that the donkeys, pony and reindeer may wee or poop we cannot guarentee this won’t happen whilst being indoors.

There needs to be adequate vehicle parking for a 4×4 and horse box and the parking must be close to the building.

Locations we visit

We cover the Gloucestershire, Stroud, Worcestershire, Bristol, Bath, Yate, Thornbury, Swindon, Cirencester, Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury and Evesham areas.

To make an enquiry and book please email or us the online booking form.