Top 7 Party Tips

7 tips to throwing the best stress free kids party

Read this blog post for advice and ideas on:

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Children’s birthday parties

Even on a very low budget you can create the most wonderful birthday party for your kids. If your anything like me you will be feeling quite apprehensive about organising a party there are so many little things to worry about and lots to plan, buy and do.

You may also feel slightly competitive, you want your child’s party to stand out and be talked about with gleaming complements. So rather than just conform to the norm and put together a simple everyday kids party why not have a little think and think up a wonderful spectacular party idea or theme that will make every mum ponder with envy. The beauty of a great idea is that you can spend as little or as much as you like on it. So go on and throw the most amazing and talked about party this year.

Basic Party Schedule

At the age of around 4+ the party has to have structure, and you will need to be a little more organised.

Average party duration: 2 hours. This is ample time.

> Welcome, except presents.

> Music and ice breaker games.

> Activity, Entertainment  or more games

> Party Food

> Cake

> More entertainment or games.

> Music/Dance

> Possibly a calming game/activity.

> Party Bags and home time.

Kids party tips

• Establish a budget, plan your spending, get quotes before you spend and then over spend.

• Check your dates. School holidays? – it’s dreadful to organise a party and then find everyone’s away!

• Save time and stress – do as much shopping online

• Be specific about starting and ending time.

• Do not forget the camera and music.

 • Make a written plan and to do lists.

• Delegate jobs, don’t take it all on yourself.

• Take all the help offered.

• Hire Children’s Entertainers and hire the help and equipment that you need and can afford, that is what it is there for!

• Relax! Remember to enjoy this special day and the company of your guests.

Age group advice for kids parties

The age group will determine a lot of factors.

‘There really is no need to go mad when they are very young as they will often become very overwhelmed by too much fuss – first birthdays are more for the benefit of other family members so a small family get-together more than suffices!’    Quote from Net mums

1st/2nd baby birthday party

Keep your invitations limited, Grandparents and one or two close relatives or friends will be ample at your baby’s birthday party. Cake being the main event. This celebration is more about you marking this special day. Looking back over baby photos and videos would be a nice activity, remembering all there 1st’s. Presents should be low-key. You could suggest to close family members that gifts are given in a cheque to be saved for their future.  

3/4 yr toddlers birthday party

It is advisable to keep the number of children you invite to your party small or for mums to stay with their children. Some 3/4 year olds will be happy to stay without their parents, but you should have plenty of adults to help with loo visits and hugs. I would suggest short fun party games especially ones with music plus a messy party game with lots of wet wipes/towels handy. A theme would be fun and very cute, especially with fancy dress. However state on the invitations something like, ‘nothing at any expensive as we will be having messy games’. You do not have to go other the top, you could hire a hall, play some music and play a few short games have food a face painter and you have yourself a great fun low key but excellent toddlers birthday party.  

5/6 year olds birthday party

The number of children you invite to your 5 or 6 year olds party will depend on what you can cope with. But seriously have a selection of reliable helpers at the ready. Booking a hall would be advisable if you are thinking 10+ guests. Kids can become quite self-conscious at this age and especially boys – rather boisterous at times.

 Whether your having a party at home or in a hall organise games, a craft  activity would be an excellent addition as this  would give the child something to take home or a sporting activity would be great for the boys giving them toy medals to take home.

Plan more party games than you actually need, and have a few calming party games at the ready.

This age group love a good entertainer so if your budget allows it have a look in my directory. Booking an entertainer frees up your time so you can get on with food, cake, candles and party bags

9 plus year olds birthday party

There will come a time where finger foods and magicians just aren’t cool anymore, and expensive high tech and cool presents are more on your child’s mind. Sleep over parties will sound more appealing, and days out with one or two friends will be welcomed. Bowling, go carting or a trip to the local zoo or national history museum will go down a treat. Invite a couple of friends treat them to a MacDonalds and you have happy child.

Birthday party invitations

About three weeks before the birthday party, you will need to send out written invitations. They should include the following information:

• Your address and phone number

• The date, start and finish times of the party.

• Your child’s name and which birthday they are celebrating.

• The date, start and finish times of the party.

If you are having a themed party, your invitation should make it clear if the guest needs to dress up.

You may need a small map if you are inviting children whose parents have not been to your home before – the same applies if you are holding the party at a venue that may not be familiar to all guests.

It’s also a good idea to ask on invitations for mums to make it clear if their child has any allergies or special dietary requirements – remember to follow this up when you are organising the party food on with the seating arrangements on the day.

Personalised invitations made on your home PC or by hand are great fun. If you are having a themed party, set the scene right from the start with the party invitation.

Setting the party scene, decorations & music.

Set the scene with music and decorations, either ready made or, if you’re feeling creative, homemade, for a more unique feel.

Birthday party music

A birthday party without music just is not a party! If you are holding the party at a venue away from home don’t forget to take your portable CD player. There are lots of children’s compilation CDs about or you could make your own compilation of your child’s favourite music. Children’s TV theme tunes are usually a popular choice.

Buying decorations

Balloons, streamers, banners, themed paper, tablecloths, paper plates and cups, spray streamers, party hats and so on all help create an instant party atmosphere. Look out for piñata’s, a traditional Mexican party tradition in which a colourful paper mac he object (such as a star or a donkey) is filled with sweets and treats and then hung from the ceiling to be bashed with a piñata stick until its exterior is weakened and all the goodies fall out. They provide a great end to your party.

Homemade decorations

Your child will greatly appreciate it if you make some of the decorations yourself, and proud cries of “Mummy made those!” will be heard repeatedly.

There are lots of useful items for making your own party decorations, which you can keep at the ready in a box for when the occasion demands.

It may be worth investing some time making a few decorations that you can use again and again. If you are having a birthday party, for example, you can make a birthday banner with your child’s name and age, or just ‘ Happy Birthday’ then it can be used for anyone in the family. Fabric bunting also adds a nice touch and can be re-used.

The pros and cons of booking a venue


A party ‘venue’ can cover everything from your own home to a soft play centre so there is plenty of choice, to suit all budgets. If your child is under three he or she will be enchanted by the idea of having a small group of friends over to play for a hour or two with a birthday party tea so you can save yourself some money and keep your child’s early birthday celebrations small and simple.

As kids get older you may prefer to idea of moving the celebration out of home territory! But with so many options available – from swimming pool parties to trips to the local McDonalds– you will never be lost for choice.


As your child gets older and goes to nursery, pre-school or primary school, you may find that word gets around about what you are planning for your child’s special day, and you may feel obliged to invite the whole class. The more children you have, the costlier the celebration/party can become, especially when you start tallying up the cost of hiring your chosen venue, buying party food, presents for party games and gifts for party bags.

Sometimes, especially with pre-school children, you can find that the ‘flashier’ the venue the more overwhelmed your child can become by the whole experience so have realistic expectations of the amount of real ‘enjoyment’ your child and his or her friends will actually get from a particular venue. Sometimes just lots of space – such as that provided by a church or village hall – can be entertainment enough.

Popular venues and entertainers can get booked up quickly so you will need to get in quick if you’ve set your heart on a particular entertainer or venue

Craft Activity at Kids Parties

Including one or two craft activities at a children’s Birthday party is an excellent idea as it will keep the children occupied for most or part of your party and it will give them something unique and treasured to take home with them along side their party bag.

The activity can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, home made or buy kids craft kits online bearing in mind to check the age suitability and what is included before you purchase any kits. Craft kit tip: Check if the kit comes with glue if needed.

You will be surprised on what a calming affect these craft activities will have on a group of children, as they will be concentrating and creating. So do not be put off thinking it is too much bother, you will be so glad you decided on it. The children will absolutely adore what they have made and do not forget the complements on what a great party idea you had from the parents.

It doesn’t have to cost much if you can accumulate the materials yourself, however if you want to save time and not to have to think too hard about it just select and purchase the ready prepared kits that I have linked on this page or visit my shop to see all craft kits, sets and party packs available at .

Kids Party Tip:

Get big brothers or sisters to help organise and be in charge of the craft activity, some children will just take over, and it’s not a bad thing when you have other things to be doing for the party.

The benefits of including a craft activity at the party:

• Keeps the children occupied.

• The children can take home what they have made.

• Creating has a calming affect on the children.

• Can cost as little or as much as you choose.

• Gives a child a sense of achievement and confidence.

• Will leave the children less time to cause chaos.

• You can buy all the kit online in my Amazon shop.

• Suitable for small and large parties.

Cheap activities for the kids:

  • Simple Drawing Competition