Paint holiday windows & displays at home, school or for a storefront

Want to add some colour to your school or nursery school windows? Or perhaps you have a promotion or holiday you want to create your own shop window display? Or maybe you just want to decorate your windows for Christmas.

I have created this page to help you, inspire you and make sure you use the right materials. I paint window displays as a job so I also have some handy and helpful tips along the way!

You can us the skills learn below to:

  • Paint storefronts
  • Shop window displays
  • Holiday window paintings
  • Winter scenes
  • Murals on windows
  • Retail design

Paint on outside vs paint on inside

You can paint on the outside of the windows and build up the image. or you can paint on the inside of the glass for view on the outside (you will need to paint in reverse). I am in the UK and we have a wet climate so I paint on the inside of the window for view on the outside, so this is what I am giving you a tutorial for in this guide. If you wish to paint on the outside of the window (you may be lucky and live in a warmer climate 🙂 ) then you need to use acrylic wall paint the stuff you use inside for your walls, satin, sheer, eggshell all work; Your removal method will be the same as I talk about below.

Child painting windows with acrylic paint to create a window display.

What equipment do you need?

  • High pigment artist acrylic paint
  • Black sharpie pen
  • Scouring pad (dish washing ones) to remove sharpie pen
  • Selection of artist brushes
  • Blue roll /kitchen roll
  • Window cleaner
  • Disposable plates & bowls for mixing – saves time washing up afterwards!
  • Paint brush cleaner (optional) – I find a bar of soap works well I steer clear of using fairy liquid
  • Window scraper blade for removal
Using a Sharpie Pen to draw on windows to create a shop window display painting.
Christmas stocking easy window painting shop window display.

Window Painting Equipment

Paint, kit I use and recommend!

For floral, pattern designs

Paint directly on to the window with your acrylics. Using a double loading method to create two tone flowers.

Cherry blossom window painting with two toned hand painted flowers.

Characters and images with a outline

Use a back sharpie pen to create your outline, then fill in the colour with paint.

Biggest Window Painting Tip Ever

Outline images in white paint, this makes the design/image pop out!

Children's window mural painting at a chip shop in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

Products I would avoid

I would avoid using chalk marker pens, they look great and have a high pigment however the cleaning process is very messy they do not scrape off like the paint does you will need to clean, scrub and wash with soap and water.

How do you remove?

When its time to remove the paint, do not use water and soap – this will only make a mess.

You will need:

  • a window scraper blade
  • window cleaner
  • blue roll/kitchen roll
  • Dish washer scouring pad (if used sharpie)

Spray the window generously with window cleaner, let soak in for a minute. Then use a fresh window blade to scrape off the paint section by section, discard of the paint layers into a bin. If you have any residue sharpie then use a dish washer scouring pad to rub off. Then finally spray the window again with window cleaner and use blue roll /kitchen to clear the window.

Easy cute snowman window painting for kids home and nursery.
Painting window displays at home with kids.