3 Lottery Winning Couples Tragic Stories

From rags the riches then straight back to rags, here’s an insight into the stories of 3 couples that won millions on the lottery then lost the lot. Don’t let the happy photographs fool you, its enough to put you off winning the lottery!

David Lee Edwards winnings $27 million £21m Lottery Winner

1, David Lee Edwards & His Wife, winnings of £21 Million ($27m)

Kentucky resident David Lee Edwards won a £21 million share of a Powerball Jackpot in 2002. Edwards went on a massive spending spree, buying luxury cars, holidays, a mansion and not forgetting the endless amounts of drugs. He lost himself in narcotics and became estranged from his wife. Tragically he died penniless and alone at aged 58 in 2013.

Ibi Roncaioli winnings 5 million 3.9m Lottery Winner

2, Ibi Roncaioli & Her Husband, winnings of £3.9 million ($5m)

Ibi Roncaioli and her gynecologist doctor husband Joseph won £3.9 million on the Canadian Lotto in 1991. This couple was already living comfortably for money but all was not well in their relationship. Ibi was keeping a secret from her husband, she had two son’s from a previous relationship and gifted them a bulk of the winnings. He found out about the lie and the amount of money she had given them and in his fury he killed his wife, by injecting her with a cocktail of lethal drugs. He served 7 years in prison for this crime.

Keith Gough winnings 11.6 million 9m lottery winners

3, Keith Gough & His Wife, winnings of £9 Million ($11.6m)

Keith Gough won £9 million on the UK National Lottery in 2005. Keith and his wife splurged on luxuries and spoiled family and friends. It all became too much for Mr Gough when she divorced him for his spending habits and he descended into alcoholism. Keith then spiraled out of control and got into serious debt, he then tragically died on March 2010 of a heart attack.

If you feel that you have a gambling problem or addiction please seek help and advice at www.begambleaware.org.