Face Paints for Temporary Hair Dye

Did you know that face paints make great temporary hair dye?

My son and daughter both needed to dress up for non-uniform day at school and my son wanted blue hair. We checked the shop and brought a well known brand of blue colour temporary hair dye, that said it would wash out in 3 days. So we tried this and it was very poor quality. The dye stayed wet for pretty much half the day and it washed straight out that evening! Bummer!

So its Monday morning and were frantically thinking what can we do, I looked at my face paints and said ‘Surely not?!’, but as a DIYer I reached for the paints.

So we tried it and YES BAM it worked, it dried instantly and he came home that day after having P.E. too with in tact blue hair! RESULT!

So don’t throw away your unused face paints – they have use! They can also be used:

  • To paint on wood and other pour-us materials
  • Used as colouring for water
  • Touch up walls
  • Kids paints on paper
  • Used with stencils to create a temporary tattoo

A block of face paint is cheaper than a hair dye in the shops too. So if its kids hair colour you need then use face paints!

We love face paints!