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Hello, my name is Cheryl owner at Little Party Heaven where I face paint and balloon model for a living.

I was having a clear out of my attic and came across my old college work and look what I found! A whole collection of how to face painting guides I created 10+ years ago. So I thought I would share them here incase they may help someone in the quest to face paint.

How to face painting a butterfly face paint guide.

Please see my other blog posts for girls, boys, animal, Halloween, Easter, Christmas face painting guides and ideas (to be uploaded very soon). In the me time please refer back to my old website where all my face painting guides are online. www.littlepartyheaven.co.uk/how-to-guides.html.

Let me know if you if these guides helped you in comments below.

I have also added some links to face painting kits I would recommend when starting out face painting.

So the biggest question you will have is ‘Where do I start?’

There are a few options but you need to decide what level you are willing to invest. The basics are having a decent set of face paints and good brushes.

If you are a parent

If you are a parent just wanting to paint your child for Halloween or for a face painting activity at home I would suggest buying a small party or themed kit by Snazaroo, and if you really want to up your game order some extra artist brushes.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional or face painting for a school, nursery or club

If you are thinking about start face painting professionally or for a school or club I would recommend investing in a complete set by Snazaroo plus some artist brushes. Then once you progress and feel like the investment is worth it you can start experimenting with more expensive face paint brands for example TAG, Diamond FX and Global. And I would recommend buying a couple of one stroke paints and a wide 1-1.5 inch flat brush.

Face Painting Training Days in Gloucestershire, Bristol and Worcestershire

Another option is booking in on a face painting training day, I run these myself or if you are not local to Gloucestershire/Bristol/Worcestershire I can recommend a painter who trains local to you, just comment below and I will help you. Call 07792 864750 or email cheryl@www.littlepartyheaven.co.uk

I can provide a mix of sponge and beginners one stroke training. If you would like advanced one stroke training I would highly recommend Sally Ann from Cheltenham Face Painting.

When you become a professional I would recommend joining face painting groups on Facebook as there are some really helpful friendly face painters out there who will share ideas and help you with your problems. If you would like a link to these groups let me know.

Learn from a book or Youtube videos

There are some wonderful face painting books out there I have provided some links to the ones I would recommend. You tube is another excellent resource for videos on how to face paint. I have created a couple of my own and there are also lots of other brilliant ones out there I would recommend looking up Lisa Joy Young.

Print out pictures you like or keep a folder of pictures you want to try on the computer. Facebook is a god send for face painters seeing of artists work and getting help from groups is ideal for newbie face painters. There is no harm in getting inspiration from other artists however the big no no is using other people photos and passing them off as your own. If you are just starting out and are lacking with photos and you want to use someone elses just ask them if its okay, most artists will say yes so long as you credit them.

You can also purchase online face painting guides www.onlinefacepaintingdesigns.com this is not my website just a link I have provided.

The biggest piece of advice i can give you when starting out is to not to overthink the details!

Remember every artists has there own style and this is the same for face painting. So when you are copying someone else’s design don’t worry about getting each line correct, focus more on the child’s face and take a step back an look. You will soon learn what works and what doesn’t and you will start to develop your own style of painting. And remember glitter is a face painters best friend, it can make any face you are not happy with sparkle! And remember you are your own worst critic so what you feel isn’t good enough (or as good as other painters) the child WILL love.

I have been face painting for 10 years + and I am still learning and improving as an artist. Here are a few of my recent face painting.

Captain America face painting.One stroke butterfly face painting.

Halloween vampire face painting.Dinosaur face painting.Christmas face painting at a Christmas market in Stow-on-the-wold


  1. Your children will love learning to create many different balloon twisting designs and a wearable hat, which they get to take home.

  2. admin says:

    Oh yes my children love balloons and my eldest is keen to learn 🙂

  3. If your little princess has decided upon a birthday party with a Little Mermaid theme this year, here are tons of inspirations for you to start with.

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