7 top tips to face paint well

Here is my top 7 face painting tips to face painting your children well at home!

Your child wants their face painted! Where do you start? Breath, I have 7 tips to help you on your way. Relax and have fun with it even if you have no creative bone in your body, don’t worry you can follow a guide. Enjoy creating memories.

Tip 1) Learn to paint quick, easy and beautiful two toned flowers with a dab of the brush.

Watch the free how to/demo video.

Buy a petal brush

Tip 2) Apply a light base coat with a sponge not a brush.

Children hate the feel of thick clumpy cracking face paint. So apply the base with a sponge, dabbing off excess before applying to the child’s face.

Get some face painting sponges

Children with their face painted looking in a mirror.
Children’s face painting.

Tip 3) Use a glitter puffer.

Using a splash of glitter on top of the face you just painted is a sure way to make it look extra special.

Get a glitter puffer

Putting glitter on a spiderman face painting.

Tip 4) Master a crisp brush stroke and use artist brushes

Ensure you fully load the paint brush with paint, and have a couple of practice strokes on your hand before applying to the kids face if its too wispy then add more water if its too watery then then dab off the excess.

Get good brushes

Boy with his face painted as a orange dinosaur at a party in Cheltenham.

Tip 5) Use Snazaroo face paints

I would not recommend you start off with anything else. Snazaroo face paints are designed for painting your children at home and often the kits come with how too instructions.

Get a Snazaroo face painting kit

Blue tiger face painting.

Tip 6) Follow a guide and get inspiration from a face painting book

Get a great face painting book

Halloween vampire face painting.
'Vampire' Halloween face painting.

Tip 7) Invest in an inexpensive online face painting course.

Some of us learn better with extra guidance. So buying an online face painting training course is a great idea. You may even get so inspired and skilled at face painting that you turn it into a job like many of us professional face painters have done.

Buy a online face painting course


Child holding a monkey balloon model at an event in Bristol.

Online face painting training course.