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Terms and conditions for suppliers

Last updated 06/11/2017

  1. You must be self employed, supply your own equipment and have your own public liability insurance of £5,000,000 or more that covers the job you have been contracted.

  2. If you are unable to attend the booking you must try your best to find suitable cover and contact Cheryl asap. If it is late notice (i.e the evening before or on the day) and you cannot get hold of Cheryl you must contact the client directly and let them know you will not be attending.

  3. If you have been paid a deposit, non returnable booking fee or been pre-paid the full amount and you fail to attend the booking you must refund Cheryl so she can refund the client.

  4. If you are late and cannot make up your time you must be willing to reduce the fee so Cheryl can refund the client appropriately. If you have already been paid you must give a suitable refund so Cheryl can refund the client for time lost.

  5. If you are running late you must contact the client’s contact person via the phone number on the contract (not Cheryl’s number) letting them know the situation. If you can not get hold of them please contact Cheryl.

  6. You must prepare a charged mobile phone, failure to contact you i.e if you do not turn up, break down and the reason being your battery has ran out is not acceptable.

  7. Only give out Little Party Heaven business cards and contact information and don’t advertise your business to the client or the public. I understand in some instances like logos on equipment and car signage cannot be removed without damage, this is okay to keep for the booking.

  8. Drinking alcohol at the booking is not acceptable, even if they client offers you must be professional and decline.

  9. If there is food and drink put on by the client intended for guests you must not help yourself or ask for some, please only eat or drink if offered by the client, employees or family.

  10. If you are asked to stay on for extra time please do but only if the client has agreed to pay for additional time. If you are asked to stay for extra time on a cash in hand basis then this extra time and payment is for you to agree with the client, please let Cheryl know if this happens however any extra cash payment you receive or tips is 100% yours.

  11. Receiving payment. I aim to pay all invoices on a Tuesday after the event (unless we have agreed another payment date). However on the rare occasion when a client is late paying this will mean you will be late getting paid. If the client is paying by P.O. then you will receive the payment within 35 days of the event, if the client is late paying then you will be late getting paid. I will keep you informed if this happens and you will get paid.

If you agree please fill in the form below to accept your contract.

If you have any problems with the T&C’s please get in touch.

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‘I really do appreciate all of your hard work on these bookings. I have ran Little Party Heaven on my own as a sole trader for 12 years. my clients are happy with the entertainers I send. Little Party Heaven always receives great feedback and often get repeat bookings.

I do face painting, balloon modelling and bubbles myself in the Gloucestershire and Bristol area. I provide clients entertainment packages and entertainers across the UK.

I have many entertainers on my database that I provide regular work to and I am always striving to improve and grow my business.

If you manage to take photos or video at your booking I would love for you to share them with me so I can post them on social media and include then on my website. Have a fantastic booking and I look forward to hearing from you

Thanks for all your hard work.

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Cheryl Holley Owner at Little Party Heaven