Do we pay for stalls or pitches at events?

We get ask this a lot so I have created this article to advise you

We do not pay for stalls/pitches sorry its too much of a risk. However we can be booked and then take money per face/balloon/etc to recoup your costs.

If you are confident we would have plenty of customers on the day then you can book us and provide a float or a donations box which will all be handed over, however we would need paying first.

You can see all of our prices here:

Tips in finding the right entertainers to pay for stalls:

As you can imagine this is our job and our lively hood we cannot pay for a stall and lose out on a days pay as we will always get offered paid work for the dates being asking for.

This is where you run the risk of being let down by entertainers that you offer a free pitch too, I have another article about this see here: /charity-events/charity-events-needing-free-entertainers/

However if you absolutely cannot pay for entertainments then you need to be asking start up people who will like the opportunity to get some experience, you are very likely to find them by asking on Facebook groups like for sale pages and by asking for recommendations in community groups. If you find companies on google these are already established entertainers and will be relying on income to pay bills etc so will not take the risk at paying for stalls.

Thank you very much for the offer tho, its lovely to be asked. I either look forward to hearing from you in regards to being booked or wish you all the best in finding someone suitable.

Boys with their faces painted and a chrome balloon silver sword.
Chrome balloon swords.

Hope this article has helped you, please get in touch with booking enquiries.