Online Booking Form

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To secure your booking you will need to fill in the online booking form before and make your payment.

After completing the booking form you will be taken to the payments page.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Booking fee. This is required to secure the booking, this is non refundable.

  2. Balance. This must be paid 14 days before the booking or your entertainer will not attend and you loose the booking fee.

  3. Paying in cash. If you have been given the option to pay your balance in cash on the day this must be paid to the entertainer before he/she starts work.

  4. For events that require entertainers to be on site early. If you require your entertainers to arrive more than 30 minutes prior to the start time you will need to pay for the additional time. If you haven’t discussed early arrival times with us please do so before continuing.

  5. Overdue payments will be charged interest. You will be charged +10% of the remaining balance per day if overdue by more than 7 days.

  6. If you cancel you booking within 14 days the final balance will still be payable. The only exception of this is when the date can be changed with the agreement of the entertainer booked and it also must be rescheduled within 1 year of the original date. This term is in place to ensure entertainers still get paid for work they have turned other work down for.

  7. Lost/Stolen items. If the entertainers kit gets stolen at your party or event you will be liable to cover the cost to replace the items. If we leave items behind it will be your responsibility to keep them safe until return to collect them.

Online Booking Form

Are there multiple dates?

Other, more information, nearest car park, costs etc? (if there is costs for parking this will be needed to be paid for by you/your company)

Once you press the 'SUBMIT' button you will be automatically taken to the payments page which means your booking form has been submitted.