Making balloons at home with kids

Get the right balloon kit & learn how to make a easy bouncing mouse

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Please watch my video below for a quick easy bouncing mouse balloon model design you can enjoy making and playing with with your children at home.

The Problem with the Cheap Kits

I always get asked about those balloon modelling kits, you know the ones with a tiny pump and handful of really bad quality balloons. The main problems with the kits are:

  • Poor quality pump
  • Poor quality balloons
  • Hard to follow instruction leaflet

I can see the value in the kits as they are a good quirky cheap gift however the quality and value of the balloons and pump you get are not good enough to really enjoy and make some cool, fun balloon toys with.

I have always advised parents to buy:

  • Qualatex brand balloons
  • 2 way hand pump
  • Use Youtube where there are hundreds of how to balloon model instruction videos.

Also below is the inexpensive kit I suggest you purchase to make great balloons at home with your children. And the total cost isn’t going to be much more than one of those cheap balloon kits.

Enjoy and please get in touch if there is any tutorials you would like to see but cannot find on Youtube as I will make tutorials on request! So please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and like our Facebook page @littlepartyheaven for updates on new videos.