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How to face paint a Ninja Turtle : Step by step guide

TNT Face Painting - Level : Moderate

how to face paint a teenage turtle face painting design.

How to face paint a teenage ninja turtle:

Kids Face Painting Design

Step one:

Start by applying the red paint using a sponge to create the ninja band shape. Bear in mind the symmetry and shape of the band you are creating. Then use a sponge to cover the rest of the face with a green paint, a metallic green paint looks great in this design.

Step two:

Using a 3-4 medium sized brush paint on the black outlines creating the outline for the band and marks for the cheeks and nose.

Step three:

As this design can look fairly bland I like to use metallic greens to brighten up the face and finish off the face with a few white dots and glitter. Boys are sometimes put off by glitter so have a selection of coloured glitter so you can offer them blue or red.

boy face painted as spiderman, kids event in Gloucester, South West. boy face painted with a Batman design, kids party in Stroud, Gloucestershire. boy face painted as a snake, kids event in Gloucester, South West.

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