Kids Craft Activity ideas | Plus benefits of adding a craft activity to a party

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Craft Activity at Kids Parties

Including one or two craft activities at a children’s Birthday party is an excellent idea as it will keep the children occupied for most or part of your party and it will give them something unique and treasured to take home with them along side their party bag.

The activity can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish, home made or buy kids craft kits online bearing in mind to check the age suitability and what is included before you purchase any kits. Craft kit tip: Check if the kit comes with glue if needed.

You will be surprised on what a calming affect these craft activities will have on a group of children, as they will be concentrating and creating. So do not be put off thinking it is too much bother, you will be so glad you decided on it. The children will absolutely adore what they have made and do not forget the complements on what a great party idea you had from the parents.

It doesn’t have to cost much if you can accumulate the materials yourself, however if you want to save time and not to have to think too hard about it just select and purchase the ready prepared kits that I have linked on this page or visit my shop to see all craft kits, sets and party packs available at .

Kids Party Tip:

Get big brothers or sisters to help organise and be in charge of the craft activity, some children will just take over, and it's not a bad thing when you have other things to be doing for the party.

The benefits of including a craft activity at the party:

• Keeps the children occupied.

• The children can take home what they have made.

• Creating has a calming affect on the children.

• Can cost as little or as much as you choose.

• Gives a child a sense of achievement and confidence.

• Will leave the children less time to cause chaos.

• You can buy all the kit online in my Amazon shop.

• Suitable for small and large parties.


Cheap activities for the kids:

• Simple: Paper, pens & drawing table. A drawing competition with a prize at the end.  You could specify an object to draw relating to your party theme.

• Recommended for the outdoors. If you have some paint pots lying around not being used, you could prop up an old piece of wood/door anything that can be painted on, the children can use it as a canvas.

• Decorating plain precooked cakes or shop brought biscuits, using icing pens or home made icing pipes.