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A collaboration of the best artists and entertainers! Face painters, balloon modellers, bubblers and more, based in Gloucestershire.

Being booked for parties and events in  the Cotswolds, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Bristol, Bath, Weston, Oxford and Milton Keynes. And further afield in Exeter, Southampton, Cardiff, Swansea, Birmingham, Leicester, London, Suffolk, Essex, Canterbury, Maidstone, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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Henna Tattoo Artists in Gloucestershire & Bristol

‘Henna’ also known as mehndi, has become a very popular body art today across all races and ages. We can henna both modern and traditional designs. Traditionally mehndi was used by Asian brides to symbolise love, happiness and prosperity for the couple. Nowadays mehndi is not only used for religious weddings but it is also a popular entertainment at festivals, parties and events and adored by all ages.

We love to finish off our henna tattoos with a splashing of glitter. We only use henna made using natural ingredients and NEVER BLACK HENNA. Henna is suitable for 6 years plus.

Hire our henna artists for:

Safe & Natural Henna

Our henna artists only use natural ingredients to make their own henna paste or only buy henna that has been pre mixed using only natural ingredients.

Generally the henna paste is made from:

All our artist have PLI and risk assessments.

What if I have a reaction to the henna?

In all our time of doing henna tattoos we have only had one lady have a reaction to the henna tattoo. She had a localised rash where she had the tattoo applied. In this case we kept in contact with the lady until her rash healed. We advised her to go to the doctors or pharmacy and the most likely treatment would be an anti-allergy tablet and cream. She did and all was cleared up in a couple of days.  

* Henna tattooing is not suitable for under 6’s. Parents should use their judgement to wether their child is able to have a henna tattoo, as they will need to keep the area dry and untouched for a few hours after for the best effect.

How Henna Works & Henna Tattoo Development

Our artists apply the henna paste freehand using a hand rolled cone. We start off by applying the wet paste, this takes an hour or so to fully dry this can depend on the air temperature. After 1-3 hours the paste will start to crumble off your skin to reveal a orange/brown stain.  The design will take 24-48 to develop its full colour. Please note that henna develops slightly different on different parts of your body. Your feet and hands seem to develop a darker brown colour compared to the rest of your body, the reason for this is unknown.

Henna tattoos Bristol, Stroud, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Cotswolds & Cirencester.

Our henna tattoo team cover all of Tewkesbury, Dursley, Cirencester, Swindon, Worcester, Malmesbury, Stow, Bourton, Bibury, Bristol, Yate, Weston, Somerset, Wiltshire and Bath. Our nationwide team of henna artists cover all of Wales, Chepstow, Cardiff, Swansea, Oxford, Milton Keynes, Reading, London,  Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge, Peterborough, Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham. And also further afield in Exeter, Southampton, Suffolk, Essex, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Sunderland and Newcastle. All areas we serve.

Pregnant henna bump tattoo at a baby shower in London.Henna tattoos at a party in Swindon.Back Butterfly henna tattoo at a party in Gloucestershire.Lady with a henna tattoo at an event in Bristol. Series of pictures showing how henna develops in stages.Henna artist at a night club in Bristol.

2 hour henna party


Events: 1 hour £130-175

2 hours £150-225

3-4 hours £175-300

5-6 hours £215-350

Henna tattoos at a company event in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.