How to Face Paint Flowers | Face Painting Ideas, Designs & Kits

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How to face paint flowers step by step pictures.

Step One:

• Use a medium pointed brush, this will creates a great petal shape.

Step Two:

• Dip your pointed brush in to a pot of fresh clean water.

Step Three:

• Spray your face paints lightly with a water spray.  

This will prevent you using the same pot of water and brush to wet the paints which will lead to your paints getting mixed up, messy and unhygienic.

Step Four:

• Completely cover your pointed brush in the white paint., achieving a thick full paint brush of paint. This will mean that you will have enough paint on the brush to paint many petal shapes.

Step Five:

• Then dip just the tip in the pink paint using a circular motion.

Step Six:

• Using your arms as a tester, dab your brush from point to flat  slightly pulling your brush backward to create your petals.

(This may need practice if a beginner.) By  testing the paint a couple of petal shapes before applying the brush to the child will  ensure quality as you will find that the first few dabs will remove any clumps of paint.

Step Seven:

• Create your petal shapes in the design you require. Experiment with designs and practice getting your flower petals full and crisp.

Step Eight:

• Then using a thin fine brush.

Step Nine:

• Dip the tip into the white paint.

Step Ten:

• Create your detail, you  can experiment with dots a lines.

Step Eleven:

• Using the same fine brush clean your brush then completely cover the fine brush in the metallic green paint.

Step Twelve:

• Again test the lines are crisp and full. If you find your lines are wispy  apply more paint to the brush.

Step Thirteen:

• Apply the finishing details, experiment with lines, swirls and smaller petal shapes.


How to face paint flowers : With Rainbow Split Cake Face Paints

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How to face paint flowers : With a round brush

Level : Moderate

Flower face and body paintings.

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