Fake Tattoo Activity for Kids Birthday Parties | Temporary Tattoos for Children

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Fake Tattooing Activity -

For Children’s Birthday Parties

Step 1:

Buy a selection of temporary tattoos.

Step 2:

Prior to the party prepare a fresh water spray bottle and a few clean bathroom flannels.

And arrange for a older brother/sister or family member who will spend apart of the party applying the tattoos to the children.

Step 3:

Before the party starts set up a table and two chairs. Layout your tattoos on the end of the table ready for the children to come a choose their tattoo.

Step 4:

Announce at some point during the party of if you have a large group of children then through out the party children should take it in turns going up to ‘name of volunteer’ and getting a fake tattoo. Sometimes the children will all want to queue at once so you may have to say to the children their names will be called one or two at a time.

Step 5:

Once the child has chosen a tattoo, the volunteer should sit down next to the child on a chair (this prevents wriggling). Peel back the protective film on the tattoo then press firmly onto the child’s arm. Soak thoroughly with the water spray (use a bowl of water if spray is not available). Then Using the flannel wrap the child’s arm pressing firmly on the tattoo for 30- 60 seconds. Peel back very slowly to see if it has stuck to skin if not apply some more water and press for a little longer. On the odd occasion a tattoo may not stick this is normally due to the child having cream on his/her skin, so just wipe the area clean and start again.

Step 6:

Once the tattoo has stuck just finish with a final spray of water and dab of flannel then apply some body glitter if you have some.