Birthday Party Ideas for Boys | Spiderman and Pirate Party Games & Activities

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Children’s Birthday Party Ideas, Crafts & Tips

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Birthday Party Ideas, Activities and Party Games for Boys

Kids Spiderman Party Ideas

Spiderman party invitations:

Stick a plastic spider on the invitations.

Spiderman themed decorations:

Decorate with red, blue, green, yellow and black balloons. Stick Spiderman posters and pictures up on the walls. Create many small or one massive spider web out of string and cotton. Get creative and create a large paper mache spider and hang above the door with a spooky sign saying Welcome, and depending on the age group each child could each create their own spider to take home

Spiderman craft activities:

Have a make your own super hero mask activity. Also have a Spiderman Muriel, tape a large sheet of paper on the lower part of the wall and have each child add there drawing onto the paper, provide pictures of Spiderman and Green Goblin etc for inspiration. Provide crayons, felts and paint if appropriate.

Children’s Spiderman party games:

Spider Hunt: Hide many plastic spiders before the party and its the child who finds the most wins a prize. Introduce the game explaining all the spiders have escaped from the laboratory and we must find them before they take over the world.

Spider web escape: Have all the guests assemble in a circle and hold hand with their right hands and then again with their left, now they are now a human spider web, they have to untangle themselves without letting go of each others hands.

Mr. Freeze: Musical statues.

Children’s party food:

Peter parker pizzas, Green goblin eggs, Cobweb cakes, Doc’s Octs Hot dogs.

Kids Pirate Party Ideas

Pirate party invitation:

Get creative and draw a treasure map on your invitations of a treasure hunt that you will have at your party. You could even roll the maps in little plastic bottles like a message in a bottle, decorating with pirate stickers.

Pirate party ideas:

You could create or buy a cardboard pirate ship as a centre piece at your party or alternatively have a big treasure chest with lots of prizes for winners of games inside and lots of chocolate coins. Decorate the room with black balloons and fish nets with plastic lobsters, shells and crabs.Get a parrot piñata they are great fun and will look part of the decor.

Arrival at the pirate party:

When the guests arrive give each child an eye path, pirate hat and bandana. You could give them each a temporary tattoo also, you could do this yourself or hire a face painter who offers tattoos as well.

Pirate party activity:

Make their own fake weapons, buy kits or get the supplies yourself, you could make swords cut out of card or foam.

Children’s party games:

Treasure hunt: Hide chocolate coins around the room before the party, The child who finds the most wins a prize.

X Marks the spot: A twist on pin the tail on the donkey, Use a big treasure map with a marked X already as the marker. Blindfold the children one at a time giving them a cut out x, spin them around and they have to attempt to place their x on the maps x. The closet to the x wins a prize.

Pirate party bags:

As an alternate to a goody bag you could hire a balloon modeller to model each child their own balloon to take home along with all the other goodies they have won in games.